In general, it takes three to four surfing lessons to learn how to surf.
It should also be noted that truly learning how to surf is a lifelong pursuit; however, if you are able to catch your first wave by yourself, you have taken the first important step.

Surf lessons are not necessary to learn to surf.
It is possible to learn to surf yourself. However, taking a surf lesson will remove the steep learning curve quickly and allow you to enjoy waves from your very first lesson. Also, surf lessons are life long memories that you will never forget.

Learning to surf can absolutely be done at any age provided you possess a moderate level of physical fitness and flexibility. Learning to surf is largely about commitment, so as long as you are willing to continue trying, you can definitely learn to surf at that age.

It is advisable that the youngest in a class is 8 years old. The boards are too big for younger children. We have body boards for the younger family members within a family lesson.

A good beginner surf board is 7ft to 9ft longboard with soft top, soft fins, round corners, convenient to carry and in your favorite color. Foam boards are stable, user-friendly and easy to paddle which makes catching waves and standing up a lot easier.

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